Voice Mail Can Be Considered
The Portable Answering Machine

Answering machines were state of the art communication devices designed to answer the phone when a person wasn’t at home 20 years ago, but voice mail has made answering machines seem almost outdated. Voicemail isn’t just for answering the phone at a person’s residence or business anymore either. Home phones, cell phones and other devices allow a person to call from anywhere in the world in order to retrieve their voice mails. Some voice mail software even combines unified messaging that provides voice mail, email and faxes all on a single platform. There are hundreds of voice mails where a person can record and play a variety of announcements to callers.

Cellular phones began to promote free voice mail with their cell phone packages just a few years ago and landline phone services are now doing the same. Along with a number of services like caller ID, call waiting and 3-way calling, free voice mail comes as part of most landline phone service packages. Voice mails that are provided by any phone service can serve a number of purposes. As previously stated, voice mail messages can be retrieved anywhere at any time. Also, voice mail greetings allow a person to try and sort through their phone calls. Funny voice mail greetings will entertain friends but put off solicitors.

Funny voice mail messages don’t have to be made up and recorded by the mailbox user. It is possible to have funny voice mail from a third party recorded in place of a personal message in voice mails. If a person prefers to have a more serious or simple and pleasant message, they can get a number of different free voice mail greetings for their mailbox. A free celebrity voice mail greeting is becoming popular among those who already use fun voice mail greetings. Many of these types of voice mails can be found on the Internet and some are even free.

Some funny voice mail greetings can be downloaded as MP3’s and then recorded to be played for voice mail messages. With cell phones, free voice mail greetings can be sent directly to the phone. On cell phones, voice mail greetings can be saved and played using voice mail prompts. On landline phones, it can take some tricky recording but funny voice messages can be recorded through the phone receiver. Some of the most popular funny voice mail greetings include Ozzy Ozbourne answering the phone in his distinctive mumbled ramblings, Yoda from Star Wars says several funny voice mails and a voice that sounds like a ‘girlfriend’ explaining that a person is just too busy to come to the phone.

Other options when trying to keep voice mails funny and fresh include playing a great theme song like the “Mission Impossible” theme and then recording a funny voice mail message over it. There are all kinds of options when it comes to finding free voice mail greetings and even voice mail greetings that a customer is charged for. Personalizing voice mail greetings has never been easier or more fun than with voice mail greetings available on the Internet.

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