A Voice Mail System Is An Excellent
Way To Manage Telephone Messages

A voice mail system is simply a central point from which a single person or a large group of people can handle telephone messages. While voice mail systems may sound very similar to the traditional answering machine, they are more complex and operate using a single server instead of equipment hooked up to a single telephone. Voice mail also allows users to perform other, more complicated functions than an answering machine like message forwarding, multiple mailbox delivery, message storage and more. Voice mail messages are stored in data-storage systems like computers. Voice mail is often included with cellular phone packages and landline phone systems.

Businesses like to use automated attendant voice mail phone systems that let callers dial directly to a specific person’s voice mail phone. Business voice mail systems that use an automated attendant as part of their voice mail can eliminate the need for a receptionist who is required to transfer all incoming calls to the appropriate extension. If a business doesn’t want to completely eliminate a receptionist with office voice mail systems, the customer can reach limited staff by dialing ‘0’. Once a caller enters a voice mail phone number, he or she will automatically be directed to that individual’s voice mail. Another advantage to businesses using a voice mail phone system is that when a person does not want to be interrupted, he or she can set their voice mail to immediately answer calls.

Business voice mail systems are typically more advanced than residential systems. Advanced voice mail for business allows everyone who works for a company to be accessible to their customers 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Some professionals like to refer to their voice mail as their ‘digital support system’. Voice mail for businesses often include a 1-800 number so that the voice mail user can access his or her messages at any time from any location. Voice mail messages can be forwarded to an email address for convenience and storage. The voice mail messages that are sent to a person’s email are changed into audio messages for easy voice mail listening on the PC. Business voice mail systems can also receive faxes and those can be sent to a computer as well. Faxes can also be obtained by calling voice mail answering systems and then printed out on a fax machine. Voice mail phone systems can also call up to three different phone numbers at the same time in order to reach the voice mail owner. The caller is then confidentially revealed and the call can either be accepted or rejected.

The list of benefits that come with using voice mail for business can go on and on. Many people have already interacted with business voice mail systems and didn’t know that the automated process they encountered was actually voice mail. Voice mail for business keep costs down and make employees more accessible than ever.

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