Voice Mail Service Offer More
Benefits Than Answering Machines

Anyone who is considering a voice mail service should know that voice mail offers many more convenient features than an answering machine. Voice mail services don’t require the purchase of any additional equipment in order to make voice mail work and is easily accessible. An automated voice mail service also allows a person to be on the phone while another person is calling. The voice mail will still answer the second call and allow the caller to leave a message. Not many other services can provide the same kind of benefits and privacy that voice mail can.

Voice mail is easy to use and can be accessed 24 hours a day from any touch tone phone on the globe. Many services store unlimited messages. Messages left in a voice mail can often be up to five minutes long. If someone is near the phone and doesn’t want to answer it or they are busy, they can redirect the call to voice mail so that a message can be left. Most companies opt for a business voice mail service because of these advantages and additional features that come with voice mail.

Using voice mail is much simpler than it might sound. All a person needs to do when using voice mail is to follow a chain of steps. An automated system often prompts users, so selecting what a voice mail user wants to do with their automated voice mail service is as easy as following simple directions. All access to a voice mail number is done through a special access number and by entering a personal password for protection.

When starting out with a new voice mail system, a new greeting will have to be recorded for answering incoming phone calls. The number of rings a person wants before the voice mail answers calls can be chosen as well. Many services offer call forwarding or call notification by either paging or calling another phone number with an indication of a new message.

Voice mail can do more than serve residential and business customers. There has been an interesting development in the use of voice mail. There are a number of students, elderly and homeless who need to be able to have access to a message service and don’t have the means to do so. These people are using voice mail. A free voice mail service helps people in these situations so that family can stay in touch and employers can contact those who are searching for a job. People who are relocating take advantage of free voice mail services until permanent housing is found. With voice mail private residents, business professionals and those who fall into a much different category can all benefit from this type of service.

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