Telephone Etiquette Is Just As Important
As When Speaking With Someone In Person

We’ve all heard about them from the time we were very young- manners, manners, manners. Mothers all over the globe do what they can to instill some kind of proper etiquette in their children and many succeed. However when many people use the telephone, etiquette seems to disappear. Not only that, but it isn’t uncommon for someone to experience poor business telephone etiquette. When a person contacts a business and they don’t use proper telephone etiquette, the business will most likely loose customers. Talking on the telephone is no different than speaking with someone in person, but for some reason a piece of electronic equipment between the mouth and the ear tends to make people forget that there is such a thing as phone etiquette.

One of the most common situations where we immediately forget any kind of telephone etiquette is when a salesperson calls on the phone. Our initial reaction is that the telephone call is unsolicited and unwanted. Why should we be polite to a businessperson that is interrupting our personal time with an uninvited phone call? Well we wouldn’t verbally assault the perfume sample dispenser in a department store, but they are doing the same thing the person on the phone is doing- selling a product. The person on the phone is just as human and deserves to be treated with courtesy. Not to mention it is far easier to simply say “No, thank you” and “Good-bye” than getting worked up and feeling guilty later on.

Since many of us seem to have forgotten telephone etiquettes, here are a few telephone etiquette tips as an update to skills that are quite natural in many of us. Always answer the phone by saying, “Hello” and not any other greeting. If the person who has been requested is not available, simply state that he or she “is not available at this time. May I take a message?” Not only does the person on the other end of the phone have a good impression about you, that feeling will apply to the person they are calling for as well.

Always be quick and to the point while remaining pleasant during a phone call. Friends and family will continue with a telephone conversation if they have time, otherwise they are not likely to rush you off of the phone no matter how busy they are. No one is perfect, so if you dial a wrong phone number state your mistake, apologize and hang up the phone.

Businesses are beginning to realize that without providing telephone etiquette training, many employees are offending or even angering customers on the phone. New hires are often presented with a guide for telephone etiquette and some may even have to go to professional telephone etiquette training. Proper phone etiquette is important at both a personal and professional level. Being polite on the telephone is just as important as when speaking with someone in person. You might be surprised at how good you feel about yourself if you use proper telephone etiquette and the positive responses received while talking on the phone.

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