A Telephone Answering Service
Can Make Or Break Your Business

Having a telephone answering service can mean you never miss a client’s call and never miss a chance to make a sale. So whatever you do, you want to have a good, reliable, professional phone answering service.

An answering service can be as simple as having voice mail. Unfortunately, voicemail causes a lot of wasted time because people get caught up in playing telephone tag. Answering services like voicemail also make it easy for people to duck your calls. This can also be a problem with Internet answering services. And answering services with a long menu with many instructions are likely to get you more hang-ups than anything.

A phone answering service that has a real person answering every call is the best way to go. Customer service ratings go up dramatically for businesses with telephone answering services that have a real person answering calls. People feel more comfortable when answering services provide them with a person they can speak with and ask questions if they need to. Every caller likes the personal attention a live answering service gives them, so when deciding on which type of call answering service is best for your business, you definitely want to consider live answering services.

And actually it’s a good idea to have a combination of telephone answering services. A live phone answering service is probably not practical for nights and weekends when you still want to have answering services available for your business. So you should probably have a phone call answering system like voicemail in combination with answering services that provide a live phone answering service.

The cost for telephone answering systems vary dramatically. If you opt for a telephone answering service like a simple answering machine, then you it won’t cost you a great deal. A menu-style call answering service can also be quite cost-effective, with the main expense upfront when having the phone answering service installed. There may be a small monthly fee for this service as their often is with Internet answering services.

A live answering service is likely to be more expensive, especially if you hire an employee for answering calls. However, you can outsource your answering services to home-based or call centers that provide telephone answering services for a wide range of businesses. This is a great phone answering service to add to your voicemail call answering system. No matter what telephone answering services you use, though, should make every caller feel like a special caller.

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