Always Be Prepared For An
Impromptu Phone Interview

Many employers are opting to conduct a telephone interview in order to screen applicants and consider applicants that live far away. Phone interviews are more common than ever and effective in narrowing down the number of applicants who are ideal candidates for a particular position. Telephone interviews also save time and money especially if an applicant is from out of town. Some businesses like to refer to telephone interviews as ‘pre-interviews’ because telephone interviews are an inexpensive and effective tool for clearly indicating excellent applicants.

Many times phone interviews will happen without warning. One of the most common phone interview techniques is to see how a professional an applicant is when caught unawares. One of the best phone interview tips a job applicant can have is to always be prepared for telephone job interviews each time the phone rings. Phone interview skills are similar to the skills that are needed when preparing for an interview in person. Although the proper dress code for a regular interview doesn’t apply to telephone interviews, similar preparation can be made.

First, be prepared to answer typical phone interview questions. When the interviewer was learning how to conduct phone interview skills, they discovered that a good deal of information could be obtained in just a few questions. Telephone interviews often begin with questions about a person’s work history, past work performance, accomplishments and why the person has left or is leaving the position. Telephone interviews are very common when an employer sees that an applicant has been fired. Phone interview tips for this type of situation are to be as honest as possible and to speak clearly. Speech is an important factor in phone interviews and if a person stutters or expresses hesitation, it doesn’t sound honest or forthcoming to the interviewer.

Other phone interview questions will include more personal information about the way a person works, what motivates them, work habits, how they work as part of a team and more. Usually the last part of telephone interviews focus on the job position the applicant applied for and the level of interest in the position. These types of phone interview questions might include why a person wants to work for a particular company, what makes them the ideal applicant, what they have to offer the company and if the applicant has any questions.

There are several phone interview tips for what to do before a potential employer calls with phone interview questions. Keep a resume by every phone so that it is handy when answering phone interview questions. Put some thought into past accomplishments that might be relevant during phone interviews. Have a pad of paper and pen by each phone for notes during phone interviews. One of the most important phone interview tips is to turn off any enhanced phone features like call waiting until a job position has been secured. Telephone interviews don’t run smoothly if the person asking phone interview questions has to keep repeating them or if answers are interrupted.

Many times an interviewer will take the time to ask a few phone interview questions on the spot. If a person is already prepared for phone interviews and they have expressed an undeniable interest in working for a particular company, they will likely be granted an interview in person.

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