Cell Phone Radiation Raises
Concerns Among Cell Phone Users

More than 800 million people around the world use cell phones. Cell phone use continues to grow even though there are cell phone radiation and health concerns being raised by both the science and medical communities. Cell phones use electromagnetic waves in the microwave range, which is where the cause for concern lies. Electromagnetic radiation is a wave that is broadcast through space with both electric and magnetic parts. Although not proven without a doubt, studies executed by the branch of medical science dealing with the transmission and control of disease have suggested that phone radiation may contribute to the growth of certain tumors. Another possible problem caused by radio electromagnetic radiation is the opening of the brain barrier. The effects of light radiation on biological tissue in vitro or in animal examples propose that cell phone radiation levels may have adverse effects on the health of humans.

An indirect health hazard as result of using cell phones is that the electromagnetic waves can interfere with certain types of medical equipment like respirators and heart monitors. Radio electromagnetic radiation can even interfere with the controls on an airplane. In either case, the phone radiation could ultimately lead to another person’s death.

The radiation from a cell phone is absorbed into the human head when in use. Analog phones often emit the highest electromagnetic waves while CDMA and TDMA technology has lowered radiation emission to less than 1 watt. Some countries have gone as far as to regulate the amount of radiation that is used in cell phones.

For those who are concerned about phone radiation for themselves and even the effects of phone radiation on a child can purchase a cell phone accessory called a cell phone protector. A cell phone protector gives the phone user cell phone radiation protection from the electromagnetic waves emitted by a cell phone. A cell phone radiation shield is intended to bring down the amount of radiation that a person’s brain is exposed to when using a cell phone. Cell phone radiation protection can reduce the amount of radiation substantially to avoid any possible damaging results.

Another way to reduce exposure to radio electromagnetic radiation is by using radiation free cell phone headsets. Independent studies have shown that using radiation free cell phone headsets can reduce radiation exposure by up to 70%. A headset placed against the ear rather than the cell phone itself limits the amount of radio electromagnetic radiation that can be absorbed into the head.

People in the cell phone industry claim that any radiation emitted by cell phones is so low that they are perfectly safe to use. They are quick to point out that people are exposed to radio electromagnetic radiation from a number of sources without health problems. For those who are concerned about radiation exposure from cell phones, they can add accessories to their cell phone to reduce the risk of radiation exposure.

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