VOIP- Voice Over Internet Protocol—Calling May Never Be The Same

If you’re new to VoIP, then get ready for a whole new experience with long distance calling. Or any other calls for that matter. Because thanks to technology, you may soon be replacing your landline phone with an Internet phone using voice over ip.

That’s right. Revolutionary technology has made it possible to turn your computer into an Internet phone. Internet phone service is made possible by taking analog signals from phones and turning it into digital data that can be sent over the Internet—and right into your VoIP phone, thanks to your VoIP provider.

All you need is a computer and Internet phone service and you can be making and taking VoIP phone calls immediately. Most Internet phone services are provided at flat monthly fee that includes all Internet phone calls and eliminates minute by minute rates, which makes IP phones a cost-effective way to beat long distance charges using your Internet phone. Some Internet service providers even include their Internet phone service in their monthly fee so that, in effect, you’re getting free VoIP—and that means free phone calls anywhere in the world.

When Internet phone service first appeared on the scene, there were some problems with sound quality. Now, though, VoIP phones are much better and the Internet phone service providers have taken care of the sound quality issues. Most VoIP phone users are so thankful for the ease and cost-effectiveness of their VoIP phones that they aren’t really bothered by the sound quality they get with their VoIP service.

However, using VoIP phones does have the downside of perhaps being down more often than conventional phone services due to power outages and Internet outages. So replacing your traditional phone service with Internet phone service may not be wise unless you have a backup cell phone at least. This is something to think about before making a complete leap into the Internet phone arena.

Also, when choosing to go with a VoIP phone, you want to do some comparison shopping into VoIP service providers. It may be worth switching Internet providers to get the best possible deal on your VoIP phone service. If you’re going to use your VoIP phone for business purposes, you may also want to look into VoIP conference software. Whatever Internet phone service you choose, though, should provide you with a VoIP tutorial to help you learn to use your VoIP phone.

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