Satellite Phone Service Can Provide Consistent And Reliable Phone Reception Anywhere In The World

A satellite phone service provides phones to customers that communicate directly through orbiting satellites rather than digitally, as a large number of cell phones do. Not all satellite phone service plans provide coverage all around the world and may only provide service in specific areas, but most span the globe. The kind of coverage provided by a satellite service will depend on the design of a particular system. An actual satellite phone can also be referred to by professionals in the satellite service field as a terminal or ‘earth station’. Some satellite phones can be chunky and reminiscent of the type of cell phones that were used in the 1980’s, but not all are made that way. Satellite phone shapes and sizes are changing much in the same way that digital phones have over the past decade.

As businesses become more transportable and business men and women travel around the globe, using a digital cell phone service simply isn’t adequate. Many times people have to travel to remote areas or places where service is simply not available for their cell phone. People who use satellite phone service don’t run into this problem and can always count on having phone service wherever they travel.

There are three different satellite phone systems that have reached general popularity. They are Globalstar, Inmarsat and Iridium. Globalstar satellite service plans were specifically designed to meet the needs of those who travel extensively. Consequently, they designed a phone that is a compact, tri-band handset that is able to operate on both the cellular CDMA and AMPS networks as well as the Globalstar network that consists of 48 low earth orbiting satellites. The benefit for those who take advantage of Globalstar plans is that the phones were created to switch smoothly between the cellular networks and the satellite network even while the phone is in use. Whenever possible, a Globalstar satellite phone will only use the cellular networks and switch to satellite only when they aren’t available. This offers customers the most cost effective satellite service available.

Inmarset was the first mobile satellite system conceptualized and brought to reality. Inmarset originally designed their satellite phones for the maritime industry, but they now offer phone service to a wide range of industries. Inmarset uses four geo-stationary satellites set at different locations over the equator.

Iridium is probably the most recognized name in the satellite service industry. Iridium openly went bankrupt just one year after they launched their service. Motorola intervened, paid Iridium’s debts, re-launched satellite service in 2001 and has been providing successful service since. Iridium uses 66 satellites that orbit the earth on six different planes. Each individual Iridium satellite is able to orbit the earth once every 100 minutes. This arrangement allows Iridium to make sure that any Iridium handset can receive and make satellite phone calls from anywhere on the planet.

If a person decides that he or she needs satellite service, it is up to him or her to thoroughly research what is available for satellite service plans. An individual can buy a satellite phone or can take advantage of satellite phone rentals. With either option, each satellite service offers a number of different features and options that can meet a number of different needs.

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