Nextel GPS Provides A
Mobile Locator To Locate Lost Phones

Nextel GPS phones are some of the most unique available on the cell phone market. Nextel GPS tracking offers an unequalled feature to its users in that the Nextel GPS phone can track a phone in order to be able to find it. Nextel refers to this tracking service as the ‘Mobile Locator’. The Mobile Locator from Nextel allows a Nextel GPS phone user to find a lost phone. This web-based application is designed to track phones used by a company’s employees in geographic locations. When a GPS Nextel phone is located, it is displayed on the Internet and can be seen using a desktop browser.

The way that a Nextel GPS phone allows a user to track a lost phone is through GPS, or a Global Positioning System. Not only can a GPS Nextel phone allow a user to locate a lost phone, but GPS also provides users with directions. A Nextel GPS phone allows a user to see and listen to exact directions that takes them from street to street right on the cell phone handset. Nextel offers the choice of two GPS navigation services and they are ViaMoto by Motorola and Televigation’s TeleNav.

A Nextel GPS phone lets a user view maps, street names and mileage reports right on their cell phone handset. One of the features that most Nextel GPS phone users like the most is the way that the GPS service can tell if the user missed a turn or took a wrong turn. Either ViaMoto or TeleNav will automatically adjust directions in order to get the user on the way to their desired destination. Another feature on GPS Nextel phones is how users can use their GPS service in order to locate common locations such as hotels, movie theaters, restaurants and more. It is almost like having a GPS location menu, making a selection and having your information served right to your handset. All information received on a Nextel GPS phone comes complete with directions.

In order to use the GPS service on a GPS Nextel phone, users have to subscribe to one of Nextel’s data and voice plans, as well as buy one of their cell phones. A Nextel GPS phone won’t look like other cell phones because of the technology required in designing a phone with GPS capabilities. GPS phones tend to be larger and thicker than typical cell phones, but worth the sacrifice in style.

There are only a couple of reasons a person might consider not investing in a GPS phone from Nextel. A Nextel GPS phone will only work in areas that have Nextel coverage. If an area does not have Nextel coverage, the GPS navigation tools will not work. A Nextel GPS phone can only operate with a network signal and analog roaming doesn’t affect how the phone operates. ViaMoto and TeleNav use servers to transfer information to the Nextel network and then on to GPS Nextel phones.

Cost can be a concern when using GPS Nextel phones, but considering where and why a person will be using a Nextel GPS phone the cost is worthwhile. Many people find that they can take advantage of GPS phone rentals when they don’t require a GPS phone for extended periods of time. Several employers will pay for the use of a GPS phone if it is used for business purposes. GPS navigation is a tool many people desire and even require. Nextel GPS phones are worth considering

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