Use Your Palm GPS To Play A New Sport

The widespread use of Palm GPS handhelds has led to the emergence of a sport called ‘geocaching’. Geocaching allows those who have GPS for Palm to participate this unique sport or what some might consider a sort of a game. Started by a man named Dave Ulmer, geocaching was created to celebrate the termination of government blurring of GPS signals that affected any kind of GPS device including PDA’s and the GPS Palm. He began his geocaching sport by hiding a cache or a stash box of small trinkets in a hidden location and then posted the details on an Internet newsgroup. The details contained information that someone with GPS navigation for Palm PDA could use in order to find his secret cache. Three days later, some using GSP to locate the cache posted a response and the start of a new activity was created.

Geocaching can now be enjoyed by anyone who uses Palm GPS software or other GPS device. People use the Palm Zire or other GPS device in order to participate in this sort of geographic scavenger hunt. This high-tech game requires Palm GPS software or other GPS device to look for and exchange caches. Once a person uses their GPS Palm or other GPS device to locate a cache, he or she will usually find a logbook that is used to record visitors at the cache box and small trinkets that can be purchased for under a dollar like toys, maps or food. The trinkets aren’t what draws GPS users to a game like geocaching. It is the challenge and guidance of their GPS equipment like a Palm Zire or PDA with GPS navigation pack that has them participating. The person who successfully locates another person’s cache box using GPS can take a trinket and then leave a different trinket behind for another person.

Geocaching is so popular among those who use GPS devices like GPS Palm handhelds that the game even has its own web site. Geocaching has cache boxes and acting GPS searches in 43 of the 50 United States and in 12 other countries. The web site details what countries and areas that have cache boxes as well as GPS information so that those using Palm GPS software or other GPS equipment can follow directions to a box. Not all GPS positions are exact, but that is where some challenge can come in with geocaching. The cache box can be located within 30 feet of the given GPS position as well as hints to help seekers along. Geocaching seekers can select their GPS searching difficulty level on the site for specific caches. There is also a place on the geocaching web site where seekers can log their findings.

Geocaching using a GPS Palm device or other GPS device is a new way that families are finding time to spend together away from home. Parents are teaching children about geography and exploring with GPS devices as well as hints provided by the geocaching web site. Families who have GPS Palms are enjoying their Palm GPS software more than ever by using GPS to go geocaching.

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