A GPS PDA Makes A Great Alternative To Installing Auto GPS Systems

A PDA is a handheld device that is much like a miniature computer. PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistant and its primary function is to act as an organizer for its user. A PDA will often have a calendar function that allows a person to keep track of schedules and input dates as well as schedule reminders. A PDA can also be used for entertainment purposed like music, movies and photos if the PDA has the appropriate software installed. One of the most recent developments in PDA technology is the GPS PDA, which allows a person to use their PDA for a number of directional and informational purposes.

PDA GPS handhelds offer users exact measurements, mapping and even geocaching uses for its users. A PDA with GPS often allows a user to record high precision waypoints, provides flexible management of waypoints, geocaching files, tracks and routes. GPS for PDA also allows a user to use GIF, JPG, PNG or BMP to display files as maps. Some PDA GPS software offers users a digital compass so that they can easily move to a waypoint or walk along a specific route. GPS technology has made PDA’s more useful than ever.

As PDA and GPS technology develops, their memory and speed advances in order to make using a PDA with GPS more popular than other devices with GPS technology. In fact, many people who have a PDA with GPS find that they prefer to use the GPS on the handheld when driving in their car and no longer consider installing a GPS service in their automobile. The one downside to using a PDA with GPS over an integrated GPS system in a vehicle is that the PDA with GPS cannot override any entertainment devices like CD players or television sounds, so voice commands may not be heard.

There are a number of PDA’s available without a GPS reciever for PDA, but many PDA manufacturers are attaching GPS antennas to their handhelds along with providing PDA GPS software to provide the PDA user with more orderly options. There are three basic types of PDA’s that can be used for organization and GPS guidance. These three include the Palm OS, Pocket PC and RIM Blackberry. Each handheld offers something to appeal to specific needs, but all can accommodate PDA GPS software.

GPS for PDA devices allows anyone anywhere in the world to find directions or locate a specific structure. Many times a person who is looking for a hotel, restaurant or movie theater in an area that they are unfamiliar with can simply take out their PDA, choose a category from a menu and the GPS will show the closest locations to choose from. If a person misses a turn on the way, most GPS systems will alter a route in order to enable a person to make it to their desired location.

A PDA with built in GPS is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys taking off-road trips or vacationing in remote locations where location, distance and speed are important. No one ever has to get lost again when they travel or are simply in an area that they are unfamiliar with. A PDA with GPS is available to offer direction all of the time.

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