Never Get Lost Again With GPS Phones

Global Positioning Systems or GPS are satellite navigation systems that are used for determining a specific location and also providing precise time reference for almost anywhere on the globe. The U.S. military refers to GPS as NAVSTAR GPS- Navigational Signal Timing and Ranging Global Positioning System and use it often. GPS services are now available in GPS phones.

GPS enabled cell phones are basically cell phones with Global Positioning System navigation devices or GPS in them. GPS cell phones allow a person to see and listen to directions turn-by-turn on their cell phone handset. GPS enabled cell phones will work once a cell phone user subscribes to a GPS navigation service usually through their existing cell phone service provider. Nextel offers cell phones with GPS that uses either Televigation’s TeleNav and ViaMoto by Motorola.

GPS enabled cell phones can send directions to anyone while driving and most come with complete mileage reports as well as street names. Something that cell phones with GPS offer is quite impressive when it comes to GPS tracking for GPS enabled phones. Cell phones with GPS can reroute a person if they miss a turn while following GPS directions. If a person misses a turn or takes a wrong turn, GPS enabled cell phones can automatically sense that a cell phone user has gone ‘off track’, the GPS service will display a new path that will still get a person to their desired location.

Anther benefit to having GPS enabled phones is that when someone is in an unfamiliar area or vacationing and wants to locate a hotel or restaurant, cell phones with GPS act almost like a telephone directory. GPS enabled cell phones allow the user to select the category that they want information on and the results are downloaded onto the cell phone. Most of the time the listings are only within a few miles of the cell phone user’s location. Once a particular location has been selected on the cell phone, the GPS service will provide the user with directions.

One of the complaints most GPS users have when they are looking for directions using the GPS on their cell phone is that it is not all that convenient to have to type out complete addresses by using the keypad on a cell phone. Some GPS applications allow a user to enter cross roads instead of an actual street number, but GPS enabled cell phones that have T9 or predictive text software can make getting directions using GPS on a cell phone much easier.

For those who don’t want to have to type their desired destination into cell phones with GPS, they can simply call their GPS service and use a voice-activated telephone system or speak with a live operator. Addresses can also be entered on web sites and then automatically downloaded to GPS enabled cell phones. This is a fast and simple way to get directions using a cell phone with GPS, especially if a person has more than one address that requires directions. Once a destination is given on a cell phone with GPS, the user can save the address in the GPS program for future reference.

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