A Cell Phone With SMS Service Allows
For More Flexibility In Communication

Most cell phone users have started to use the SMS service that comes with their cell phone. SMS services allow cell phone users a number of different ways to communicate for more flexibility when on the move. Most major cell phone carriers offer text messaging services like Alltel text messaging, Verizon text messaging, Cingular text messaging and more. While most people take advantage of the basic ‘person to person’ services provided by SMS, there are a few other options that SMS can be used for in order to make life easier as well as more connected.

One of the most common text services used on cell phones is for basic person to person text messaging. This type of text messaging simply allows one cell phone user to communicate with another by using SMS. Text messages tend to be short and often have a direct purpose like letting someone know what time he or she will be home or for making plans. Text messages are typed by using the keypad on a cell phone and cell phones that use predictive text software make typing longer messages easier. Person to person text messaging is a popular choice when people find themselves in situations where talking on the cell phone is inappropriate or prohibited.

More and more people are realizing that they can use SMS for more than just chatting with another person. Many people are now using SMS for new voice mail and fax message alerts. Whenever a message is left or a fax is received, the cell phone’s SMS program alerts the user with this information. Voice mail message alerting is the most popular application a cell phone user uses to date.

Unified messaging is coming forth as one of the latest advancements in technology that allows a cell phone user to manage all of the different kinds of messages they receive on their cell phone. Unified messaging allows those who use SMS and other text messaging services to access a single program in order to pick up their voice mail messages, faxes, emails and other services. Although unified messaging systems are relatively new to the cell phone and SMS market, they are expected to become quite common in the near future.

Most people have to access the Internet and log into their email account in order to see if they have received any messages. If a cell phone user uses the SMS to link to an email account using the Internet, the cell phone user can be alerted each time they receive a new email. Email notification services through SMS often supply the user with the identification of the person who sent the email, the text in the subject line and even the first few words of text in the body of the email message. Some SMS programs even allow for users to ‘filter’ their email and will only be notified if specific messages possessing particular words or messages from specific senders are received.

A recent burst of interest in SMS is due to advertising that allows cell phone users to have ringtones, jokes, wallpaper and more sent directly to their cell phones. Most services require a cell phone user to simply text a specific code to a number and they will immediately receive the information or service desired. Information service, chat and much more have begun to make SMS an invaluable part of cell phone communication.

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