Free SMS Service Lets You Send Messages Anywhere In The World With No Fees

People around the world are discovering a new way to communicate from cell phone to cell phone and even computer to cell phone when they are able to use a free SMS service. Free SMS services allow customers to send text messages for free. Many cell phones offer an SMS service feature but charge an average of ten cents per text message sent and received. With free online text messaging, anyone can send free text messages to anyone anywhere in the world.

Text messages are sent to cell phones using a short message service or SMS. SMS is the general term that is used for the technology required for users to be able to send and receive text messages by using cell phones. When using text messaging, people are able to send brief and concise messages in a short amount of time without actually having to speak to someone. SMS services are perfect for anyone who is using a cell phone in a location where it is inappropriate or impossible to carry on a conversation. Free text messaging makes this possible and fun as well as saves money.

There are a number of benefits from using a free text messaging service. Free SMS text messaging can be sent to cell phones in Europe, the United States, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and most of North America. A good free text messaging service should allow a user to compose a message of up to 160 characters. Some cell phones will allow a person to receive larger messages, but 160 characters can prevent a message from being sent in parts. Because an SMS service is an actual center through which messages are transmitted to and from, SMS services are ‘store and forward’ services. People sending SMS messages can use any combination of numbers and words without restriction. Some free text messaging services even provide users with message delivery confirmation notifications.

Some web sites on the Internet are more of a resource for SMS services and provide visitors with a number of free text messaging options. Not every free SMS text messaging service provides free services to every country and will only serve a select area. Some free text messaging services require registration while others simply allow users to send text messages. Not every cell phone provider allows their customers to receive text messages for free, so it is a good idea to check with recipients or recipient’s providers before messaging.

Some free SMS text messaging services have hidden fees and all terms and conditions should be reviewed before committing to any service or providing any personal information including cell phone numbers. Those who do offer truly free text messaging services are able to do so because they pay the bills using the income they receive from advertisers. Some free services claim that they never sell information to third party advertisers, however many that send and receive messages using free services often find that they receive unwanted advertisements at times. People who use free text messaging services should consider the fact that they may have to deal with some unwanted advertising before they decide if the money they save to use free text SMS messaging services is worth the inconvenience of a few stray advertisements here and there.

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