Verizon Ringtones Allow Customers
To Personalize Their Cell Phones

Verizon ringtones allow cell phone customers to change the sound made by their phones that alerts them of an incoming phone call. Ringtones are almost always customizable and some phones even allow customers to create their own original ringtones for a truly personalized ring on a cell phone. Verizon offers customers the opportunity to download ringtones directly to their cell phone for a fee but with a little searching on the Internet, Verizon customers may be able to find free Verizon ringtones. Before looking into ringtones for Verizon cell phones, it is important to understand the different types of ringtones available for cell phones. Without being able to discern between available ringtones, a customer could end up downloading horribly synthesized versions of songs they expected to be identical to the original composition.

Many ringtones on the Internet are advertised as free ringtones for Verizon or ringtones that can be downloaded for a fee. These ringtones are often available as monophonic, polyphonic or music ringtones. Monophonic ringtones consist of a single melodic line and are often short and simple. Monophonic ringtones can be created by using an internal ringtone composer on many cell phones. Different formats of monophonic ringtones have been created allowing ringtones to be sent through text using RTTL encoding.

Polyphonic ringtones have two or more independent yet harmonically related melodic parts sounding together. With polyphonic ringtones, different tones can be played simultaneously using assorted instrument sounds like drums, guitar, piano and others. Most modern cell phones can play polyphonic ringtones with up to 128 individual notes. Along with improved ringtones, cell phone manufacturers have also updated cell phone speakers to improve ringtone and game sounds.

Music ringtones can be referred to as voice tones, realtones, or true tones. These ringtones use actual pieces of composed music that are often popular tracks played on the radio or television. All music ringtones can play back a song including all singing and instruments. Music ringtones are usually kept in MP3, WMA, QCP, WAV or AMR format on many modern cell phones. Like music ringtones, voice ringtones are recordings of someone speaking and are often made from lines in movies or on television. Some voice ringtones are simply funny jokes or celebrity imitations.

When looking for Verizon free ringtones, it is important to keep in mind that many free offers are not truly free. The first ringtone is often free, but any additional ringtones are available for a fee. Some free ringtone web sites will even enroll those who supply a cell phone number on their web site for free ringtones in a monthly club at a fee.

Ringtones for Verizon phones are fun and allow a person to express their tastes through their cell phone. Verizon Wireless ringtones also help one cell phone customer to distinguish their cell phone ring from another when in public.

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