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Ringtones Are Truly Free

Personalizing cell phones has become almost as popular as carrying a cell phone. Screensavers, backgrounds and ringtones are the most popular ways you can make a cell phone reflect personal taste as well as provide entertainment. Just about every major cell phone company including Nextel allows their cell phone users to be able to personalize their cell phones with ringtones available directly from their company for a fee. If you download all of the ringtones you really want on your cell, it could end up costing you a small fortune. With a little bit of searching on the Internet, anyone can come across offers for free Nextel ringtones. But before you jump right into one of these offers, there are a few things to consider before you download free Nextel ringtones.

Before you take advantage of Nextel ringtones for free on the Internet, you should know that there are a number of formats for ringtones. Older Nextel models may not allow you to download ringtones while newer models use a built-in melody composer. The most current Nextel cell phones accept midi or MMF formats. Free Nextel i730 ringtones use mono 8khz wav ringtones.

Before downloading free ringtones for Nextel, check your cell phone to see if it has a melody composer. If you can’t locate a melody composer on a cell phone, check your cell phone instruction manual for a melody composer. If you find that information, you will most likely find step-by-step instructions on how to download ringtones to your Nextel cell phone. If you still can’t find information about how to download ringtones onto your Nextel cell phone, refer to the Nextel web site for information about your phone and downloadable ringtones. There is a chance your Nextel cell phone accepts free ringtones for Nextel phones but only through a SMS message sent directly to your phone. The format that a cell phone uses for ringtones is important so that once the download is complete, the phone can recognize the format and ringtones can be played properly.

Once the format for ringtones has been found for your Nextel cell phone, you are ready to begin downloading free Nextel cell phone ringtones. While there are sites that offer truly free ringtones for downloading, there are many sites that advertise free downloads that ultimately cost a fee. These web sites offer the first ringtone for free and then enroll the cell phone in a recurrent program that charges for each additional ringtone, often with a monthly fee. It is important to read the fine print on these web sites. Sometimes supplying the web site with your cell phone number is all it takes to become enrolled, so use caution when looking for free Nextel i530 ringtones and other Nextel cell phone ringtones. While the fees for additional ringtones are often inexpensive, not everyone wants to commit to monthly billing programs.

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