Free Cell Phone Wallpaper Is Available From A Number Of Different Sources

Most cell phones come with free cell phone wallpaper when they are purchased from a specific carrier. This type of free cell phone wallpaper is fun at first, but then becomes monotonous and stale. Once you discover how easy it is to personalize your cell phone with wallpaper, ringtones and screensavers, you can have fun changing the way your cell phone looks and sounds on a regular basis. Not everyone has unlimited funds to buy wallpaper from their carrier or other web sites that sell wallpaper for cell phones. Luckily, there are a number of different options for those who want to take advantage of free cell phone wallpapers to customize their cell phone at little or no cost.

Cell phone wallpaper is similar to the kind of wallpaper that is on the background of a computer monitor. Wallpaper for cell phones are mostly available in color images for color cell phones, but some web sites offer black and white photos for monochromatic cell phones. Before wallpaper, the only option a cell phone user had for wallpaper was their operator logo on the background. Customized wallpapers have emerged as one of the most entertaining ways you can create themes on your cell phone and there are a number of places you can choose from thousands of free wallpaper options.

When looking for free wallpaper, it is important to know what the pixel size is for your cell phone and the format it uses. Most cell phone formats use JPG, JPEG or GIF. Each cell phone has its own individual wallpaper format size and the most common are 128×128, 174×132, 96×95, 128,160, 101×80, 176×220 and 240×230. If you don’t know what size and format wallpaper your cell phone can display, some wallpaper images won’t display correctly or won’t work at all.

If you pay for wallpaper for your cell phone, you can often have it sent directly to your cell phone. With free wallpaper, many times you will have to save the wallpaper to your computer before transferring it to your cell phone. With most free wallpaper, you will need to right click on your mouse and select ‘save picture as’ to save the wallpaper image on your computer. Next, you need to transfer your free wallpaper from your computer to your cell phone. The most common methods of transferring wallpaper images in by using data cables, Bluetooth or Infrared connection. Bluetooth and Infrared options are available for phones with either Bluetooth or Infrared connectivity as standard. If you don’t have the called for connectivity, you can usually send free wallpaper from your computer to your cell phone for a small fee. In order to do this, you simply need to save free wallpaper to your computer and then select ‘PC to Mobile’. You can send any image on your computer to your cell phone this way including personal photos as additional options for free wallpaper.

When taking advantage of free wallpaper offers on the Internet, it is important to read all terms and conditions on each web site. Some web sites advertise free wallpaper, but it is only the first wallpaper download that is truly free and each additional download costs extra. Some of these web sites even charge their customers a monthly membership fee as well. It is always a good idea to read the fine print on any free wallpaper web site before providing your cell phone number or any other identifying information that could lead to additional charges.

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