Customize Your Cell Phone Or Create Themes With Cell Phone Wallpaper

Cell phone wallpaper is one of the many ways that you can truly personalize your cell phone. Cell phone wallpapers are static, color images that are not animated and are displayed on your cell phone’s screen. Often the date, time, and indicator bars are visible over the top of wallpaper on a cell phone. Wallpaper on a cell phone can be of a variety of images, actual photographs and even classic artwork. Many cell phone carriers feature free wallpaper on each cell phone they sell with the option to buy additional wallpaper. Some cell phones even allow you to make your own cell phone wallpaper.

If you want to download wallpaper onto your cell phone from the Internet, you will need to make sure that your cell phone is able to receive the wallpaper from the web site you want to use. Some web sites require you to enter your cell phone number as well as the carrier you use while others provide a cell phone compatibility chart so that you can check before making a purchase. If you purchase wallpaper before checking your cell phone for compatibility and your cell phone is not compatible, most web sites will not issue a refund if you paid for your wallpaper.

Many people like to use their wallpaper as part of a theme for their cell phone. By combining wallpaper, ringtones and screensavers, you can create a theme based on a number of things. People who love football will download NFL cell phone wallpaper, NFL screensavers and the Monday night football theme as their ringtone to complete a theme. Others are fans of animated characters like Hello Kitty and will look for Hello Kitty wallpaper cell phone downloads along with screen savers and ringtones to complete their theme.

Many times you can download wallpaper from your current cell phone carrier. Verizon cell phone wallpaper, Nextel wallpaper and Cingular wallpaper all offer several of the top 100-cell phone wallpapers on the Internet for a fee. There are so many different wallpaper options to choose from there is very little chance that you won’t be able to find something you want to set as your wallpaper on your cell phone.

Each cell phone has its own individual wallpaper format size and the most common are 128×128, 174×132, 96×95, 128,160, 101×80, 176×220 and 240×230. If you are unsure which format your cell phone uses, you can check your cell phone manual, the manufacturer’s web site or compatibility charts on various wallpaper web sites.

There are a number of extremely popular types of wallpaper you can choose from on the Internet including celebrity wallpaper, aliens, astrology symbols, butterflies, holiday themes, classic art, graffiti, patriotic, sexy men and women, sports themes, college logos and more. Some camera phones even allow you to snap a photo, save it and set it as your wallpaper. Another way to set personal photos as wallpaper is to use a free online photo storage web site and download your photos to you phone from there. However you choose to personalize your phone using wallpaper, there are enough options for you to change your wallpaper to a new image every day of the year.

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