Cell Phone Games Boost
Sales In The Gaming Industry

Cell phone games are becoming some of the largest contributors for profit in the gaming industry. A great deal of funding and technology development is being provided for the creation and distribution of these games. Two corporations in particular are rising as the driving force behind the creation and popularity of games for the cell phone. These business firms are Qualcomm and Nokia. Qualcomm is the company that created the BREW gaming platform before the introduction of the incredibly popular Java technology created by Sun Microsystems.

Both Java and BREW allow cell phone users to download games to their cell phone, although many Nokia cell phone games and other popular games are already stored on each brand new cell phone. Many cell phone users are willing to pay a few dollars in order to be able to download their favorite games to their cell phone. Some cell phone users use the Internet and have found that there are free cell phone games available to download as well. With technology advancing at such rapid rates, the possibility for cell phone Java games and BREW games to become more sophisticated is easily conceivable.

Creators of games for cell phones aren’t the only ones who recognize the potential earnings from the cell phone market. Wireless providers realize that even those who aren’t serious platform gamers enjoy playing games on their cell phone. People who are waiting for a doctor appointment, at the bus stop or even waiting for a phone call find that they enjoy using their cell phone to play a game as a way to pass the time. Impressive earnings reported by Sprint support how many people are enjoying games on their cell phone. More than 3.5 million people bought games from Sprint in the year 2004 according to the report. These types of earnings don’t even include the cell phone users who download free cell phone Java games and other types of free games. The actual number of cell phone users who play games is immeasurable, which could mean unlimited earning potential for game developers and wireless providers.

For those who are new to games for cell phones, deciding which games are best to download can be difficult. The best way to begin choosing Java cell phone games or other games is to look at the top cell phone games that are currently being downloaded. Some classic games are consistently downloaded and include Bejeweled, Collapse, Solitaire and Jamdat’s Bowling. New popular games to download include Shark Hunt, South Park, Teachers and Quest for Alliance 2 – The Dark World.

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