Trac Phone Wireless Is One
Of The Popular Prepaid Services

The company Trac Phone Wireless sells the tracphone, which is a ‘pay-as-you-go’ prepaid cellular service. The tracfone is a favorite among those who use prepaid cellular phones because of foreseeable minute use, freedom from contracts and the fact that people of any age can use trac phones. One of the most popular features of a trac fone is the ‘Airtime Balance Display’ that lets the tracphone user know exactly how many minutes have been used and how many minutes remain. If a person runs out of minutes on their tracfone, the screen will simply state that there are 0.0 minutes left and it is time to buy more tracfone airtime.

Tracphone cell phones can be purchased for a low price and come with either a Nokia tracfone or a Motorola tracfone. Either type of trac fone comes with free caller ID, voice mail and call waiting. The tracphone starter package also comes with a tracfone card good for 10 units of tracfone airtime. Most of the time a tracphone will work immediately upon activation. In some cases, trac phones will take up to 48 hours to become active and up to 3 days if a trac fone is activated on a Friday.

Tracphone offers customers a variety of pay-as-you-go rates as well as special tracfone promotions. Tracfone offers a one-year prepaid cellular service card that allows customers to use their tracphone for an entire year. If customers prefer to purchase their trac fone minutes on a monthly basis, they can do so in several different increments. One of the most popular tracphone plans is the Double Minute Auto-Pay plan. For low monthly price, a customer can sign up with tracphone using a credit card or checking account for uninterrupted service. With the tracfone Double Minute Auto-Pay, customers will also receive double minutes on every subsequent tracfone airtime card purchased. All of the rates with trac fone are exactly what a customer will pay because they already include any taxes and service fees.

One of the most attractive features that trac phones offer customers is that all present minutes will ‘rollover’ even if a new tracfone airtime card is added. Not many prepaid cellular phones offer that benefit. As long as a tracphone customer adds minutes to their trac fone every 60 days, the minutes will never lose validity. Trac phones and tracfone cards can be purchased at a number of popular retail stores across the country including Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, Target, Sam’s Club, CVS, Walgreen’s, K Mart, Tracfone stores, Eckerd’s and dozens more. Tracfone leads the prepaid cellular phone industry in affordability and service with tracfone prepaid wireless plans.

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