Prepaid Phone Cards Make Calling Long Distance From Any Location Simple

Prepaid phone cards are almost like gift cards in that they have a certain amount that can be ‘spent’ on long distance calls when using them. Prepaid cards are used to make long distance phone calls. A customer simply decides the amount they want to spend on their long distance ahead of time and pays for the phone card, usually with cash. Phone cards can be used for domestic or international long distance calls and don’t require speaking with any kind of operator or giving credit card information.

A card that is prepaid has preset long distance fees fixed by the carrier and each time phone cards are used, the minutes are subtracted from the balance on the card. Using a prepaid card is easy and all calls can be made by first dialing a 1-800 number provided by the carrier, entering a PIN number usually located on the back of the card and then dialing the long distance phone number. Often, prepaid cards can have more minutes added by calling the carrier and paying by credit card. Phone cards can be purchased just about anywhere from convenient stores to major retail shopping centers. A person can even buy prepaid phone cards online.

When buying prepaid cards from any type of merchant, prepaid card companies are required by law to disclose the rates and charges for their phone cards either on a display or on the phone cards. The fees for prepaid cards on the Internet should have their fees posted right on their web site. If the fees are not posted and are not available, do not purchase that company’s prepaid cards.

When looking at prepaid cards, the description of their rates and fees can be confusing. Some of the terms used in the description of prepaid cards and their fees are unclear or completely unfamiliar. Some phone cards charge a connection fee each time a person makes a call. Disconnect fees are charged by some phone cards every time a phone call is disconnected. Billing increments refer to how phone cards are billed during use. Billing increments for prepaid cards are often per minute, but some phone cards measure their increments in two or three minutes. Beware of international billing increments on prepaid cards because most charge per six-minute increments that are always rounded up. If a person’s call goes just over six minutes, they will be charged for twelve minutes on their prepaid card.

Some of the charges for using prepaid cards may seem unfair and unnecessary, but there are many reputable prepaid card companies that do not have hidden and unfair charges. Avoid prepaid cards that charge for things like long call fees, random disconnects and random surcharges. These are tricks sometimes used in order to make more money and encourage the purchase of more prepaid cards. The right prepaid phone card will have reasonable rates with their fees displayed so customers can easily understand what they are purchasing.

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