It is Beneficial to Have Both a Local
Phone Service and a Cellular Phone

Sometimes local phone service seems to be comparable to other services like cell phones as far as price and convenience. Some people even consider eliminating their home phone service and using only a cell phone for communication. While it might seem like a good idea to cut ties with all local phone services, there are a few reasons a person might want to have both residential local phone service as well as cellular phone service. If local phone services also offer cellular phone service, dial-up Internet or DSL service, customers can save considerable amounts of money by using more than one of the local phone services.

If someone is thinking about dropping local phone services to go strictly cellular, they should consider what type of Internet connection they have or want to have. If they are currently using dial-up or DSL in their home for their Internet connection, they need to have an operating telephone line. Another consideration is if a family is going to do away with local phone services, will everyone in the home have their own cell phone? If not, how can they place calls in the event of an emergency when the person with the cell phone is not at home? Also, cheap local phone service has made it very easy for every room in a home to have a phone extension in it. With one or even a few cell phones for a single home, simply picking up the phone won’t be as easy anymore.

There are many other reasons to consider holding on to cheap landline phone service. When a call is placed from a home to an emergency service such as 911, the operator can give an exact location to emergency teams using the phone number that was used to place the call. Emergency services cannot tell where a cell phone call has been made from. Homes with security systems are often connected by phone to a monitoring service. Without home phone services, a security system is virtually worthless. A home that uses fax machines or has a satellite system needs to connect through a phone line in order to communicate. Without a local residential phone service, that communication is impossible.

By having both cellular phone service and the best local phone service available, it is possible to save money and have all the communication options possible. By combining local phone services with other options including cellular service and dial-up Internet or DSL, local phone service providers allow customers to save a great deal on combined services.

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