Things To Consider Before Cutting the Cord

As wireless service becomes more reliable and less costly, many of us are considering cutting the cord at home and eliminating our landline service.

If you are thinking about replacing your home phone with cellular service, you may want to consider the following:

Will Going Cellular Be Economically Advantageous?

  • Currently most people find that they make the majority of their calls on their cellular phone. The money used toward their landline service might be more economically beneficial if it was used towards the cellular bill.

  • Your calling habits should determine if it makes economic sense to have just one service. Calculate current landline phone charges as well as cellular charges to see if the landline charges can be decreased or even eliminated by going cellular.


  • Calling 911 from your landline allows emergency operators to immediately locate where the emergency call originated. The equivalent service for cellular, E-911, is not available in most of the US.

  • Reliability of service is still much higher for landline phones, as dropped calls and spotty reception are seldom a problem with landline service.

  • Landline service allows for a phone extension in just about every room a home. Unless each person in your household is going to have a cell phone with them all of the time, simply picking up the phone isn’t as easy as it was with landline extensions.

  • Dial-up Internet access and DSL isn’t possible without an active landline.

Other Considerations

  • If you move frequently and your primary phone number is a cellular number, it is likely that you can keep the same number when you move and even if you switch cellular providers.

  • Cellular providers offer Wireless Local Number Portability (WLNP) that allows cell phone users to be able to switch wireless carriers without giving up their existing cellular phone number.

  • Security systems and satellite dish providers require a landline in order to communicate with their equipment. Without a landline, a security system is virtually worthless and satellite systems cannot be interactive through the television.

Depending on the specific needs of each household, going completely cellular might be a feasible option. However, when many of us consider the different services we use that require a landline, going cellular may just have to wait until all communication goes wireless.

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