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Smart phones, which are often referred to as either PDA phones or PDA smart phones, are the newest “it” thing in cell phones. That’s because these phones do everything but make calls for you. And someday these phones will probably even be able to do that for you!

A smart phone is about a lot more than just making calls. With a PDA phone, you can connect to the Web and check your email. Also, PDA cell phones enable you to get faxes, voicemail and text messages. Some PDA smart phones even have the potential to let you hook up with a speech-recognition server by phone. This makes it possible to use PDA phones to dictate responses or notes as well as see the text on the PDA phones screens as it comes back from the server. You can even get a digital camera on PDA cell phones.

Obviously, PDA phones combine all the advantages of a PDA with a cell phone. This makes PDA smart phones almost an absolute must for busy business people everywhere. You can do practically anything on PDA phones that you could do in your office. And you can do those things on PDA phones from anyplace you happen to be. Perhaps the greatest advantage PDA smart phones provide is that of being capable of holding all the information about your business contacts right where you need that information most—in your PDA smart phone.

With all the choices in PDA phones, it’s hard to know how to choose one. A good rule for choosing the best smart phone is to go with the PDA phone that gives you the all the essentials you’d need in a PDA and a cell phone. Because PDA cell phones are quite pricey—a PDA cell phone can cost up to $600, though you can sometimes find PDA cell phones for around $200 during special offers. So you want to spend some time comparing smart phones and reading smart phone reviews before purchasing PDA phones for yourself or your employees.

One of the most popular smart phones available is the Palmone Treo 600 smartphone. This PDA smart phone is offered by many cell phone providers such as T-Mobile and Cingular. When comparing smart phones and reading smart phone reviews, you’ll also want to spend some time looking at the different PDA smart phones calling plans and the coverage you’ll get with them. You may also want to look into smartphone software that will increase your PDA cell phone even greater capabilities. After all, PDA phones are a big investment—make sure you’re getting the best PDA phone deal and the best PDA calling plan and coverage for any PDA smart phones you are thinking of buying.

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