Cell Phone Features

Nowadays, most cell phones are bundled with a number of desirable features.

Basic Cell Phone Features

  1. Just about all cell phones include built-in time and date, phone book, automatic redial, speed dialing, caller ID, and choices from multiple ringtones.

  2. Many premium phones provide users with calendars, a calculator, games, an alarm, voice calling, 3-way calling, vibrate mode, built-in camera, etc.

Special Phone Features

  1. Special features include options considered to be essential today like text messaging, GPS service and web browsing. The use of these particular special features often incurs additional service charges.

  2. Choosing the best phone style is important for both comfort and communication. A cell phone that feels comfortable in your hand and is easy to use should be of primary importance. The screen should be bright and easy to read in a variety of lighting conditions. Some phones allow the modification of text size for easier reading.

Things to Consider

The Anatomy of the Phone

  • Size, shape and look

  • Does a flip phone, candy bar-style or other shaped phone best fit your needs?

  • Does the phone feel solid as if it will tolerate different conditions of use?

  • Does the phone have a clip or come with an accessory to allow carrying on a bag, in a pocket or on the hip?

Digital, Analog or Dual Mode?

  • Digital service—if available in your area—is a better choice than analog, offering better quality of service, better reception and fewer dropped calls. Additionally, only digital service supports the newest technologies such as web browsing, ringtones, text messaging, etc.

  • Analog service usually features a broader geographic range.

  • Dual mode offers the best of both worlds. When you are out of digital range you can roam on the analog system using the signal provided by the carrier under contract your carrier, which often costs considerably more.

What is Your Budget?

  • Wireless carriers will often discount their premium phones as an incentive tempting people to sign up for service under contract.

  • Keep in mind that if a phone breaks, becomes lost or must be replaced for some reason, the replacement phone could cost more than the purchase price of the original phone.

Cell Phones
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