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Camera phones are simply cell phones the have a camera incorporated into its construction. Sharp was the first to bring camera cell phones to the market at the outset of the new millenium and it was called the Vodafone. Sharp designed the camera phone so that workers who left home early in the morning and worked late into the evenings could see their wives and children while at work. The people who developed the camera phone used the technology available at the time to create a finely displayed and accurate image on a small screen. One of the most important concepts of the first camera phone was to make it easy for both parents and children to operate them.

Operation of a camera phone and what exactly a person can do with camera phone photos are oftentimes concerns for the average cell phone user. The amount of features that are available on most cell phones can be incredibly confusing and even difficult for many users to understand, so using any kind of camera phone can seem intimidating. Taking camera phone photos is often as simple as pressing a single button on the key pad of the phone and camera phone photos can be saved or sent just about as painlessly. Verizon camera phones, camera flip phones, any Nokia camera phone or Nextel camera phone comes with its own camera phone photo guide that provides step by step instructions that guide the user through each step it takes to take great photos with a camera phone and store them.

Most makers of the camera phone use CMOS image sensors, or chips, to allow the user to take pictures. CMOS stands for complimentary metal-oxide-semiconductor and is a leading type of integrated circuits. CMOS chips are the best option to use in any camera phone because it consumes less energy than other camera phone photo-taking options. CMOS image sensors in a camera phone are made up of microprocessors, a micro-controller, static RAM and added digital information links.

A type of camera phone that offers mega-pixel images is making a huge impact in the camera phone industry because of recent happenings covered by major news networks. There are growing numbers of people who are using their camera phone in order to prevent crime, report breaking news stories and some are even using a camera phone to commit crimes like voyeurism and invading privacy of various individuals. Whatever the various reasons might be that are adding to the popularity of the camera phone, the fact that it is becoming more popular than ever is undeniable. In fact, a camera phone is several times more likely to be purchased than a digital camera at this point.

Everyone who wants to have a camera phone but thinks that a camera phone is too expensive should look around for deals from both manufacturers and wireless carriers for prepaid camera phones as well as free camera phones. People with camera flip phones or another style camera phone can enjoy saving their favorite photos as wallpaper, adding special features to photos like text and framing, taking alternative colored photos like black and white or pose in the next photo by using a time delay feature. With a camera phone, people can enjoy snapping those photos that happen at the spur of a moment and sharing them with special people with just the click of a button.

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