Choosing Wireless Plans Can Be
Easy With The Right Information

When getting ready to purchase a first wireless phone or when it is time to consider changing wireless plans, there are a number of wireless carries to choose from. Not only are there a number of carriers, each wireless service provider often has a number of different wireless phone plans to choose from. Carriers like Verizon, Cingular, Nextel, Sprint PCS, Bell Cell Tel, Bell South Mobility, Cellular One, T-Mobile and more have so many phone plans to choose from that it becomes necessary for a person or family to compare wireless plans for the price, minutes and features they desire.

The first thing to consider when doing a cell phone comparison is to think about what a wireless phone is going to be used for. Will a wireless phone be used for business communications, talking to friends or talking among family members? If a person plans on using their wireless phone for general use including friends and family or even when ordering takeout, he or she will want to look at individual phone plans for their cell phone service comparison. If a person mainly calls family, they will want to look at cell phone plan comparisons from carriers that offer a family cell phone plan. People who use their wireless phone or PDA mainly for informational purposes will want to do a comparison of cell phone plans that cover all types of data communication. For people who don’t think that they will be using a wireless phone much on a monthly basis or simply don’t want to commit to a phone plan contract, they can do a prepaid cell phone comparison. When doing cell phone plan comparisons, it is a good idea to check and see that if all of the minutes are not used in a month that they ‘rollover’ into the next month.

Additional charges for special services or ‘roaming’ should be checked when doing a cell phone plan comparison. Every wireless service provider can supply customers and even potential customers with a coverage map in order to get an idea of what the wireless coverage areas are and where they end. Wireless provider’s maps are merely guides, so keep that in mind if wireless calls will be made from a variety of locations. Also, many phone plans have what are referred to as ‘peak’ and ‘off-peak’ calling hours. Check on what those hours are with each cell phone service comparison. A variety of allotted minutes per month can be chosen when looking at cell phone plan comparisons. Some wireless service providers even automatically adjust a person’s phone plan each month depending on the previous month’s usage. Make sure that a phone plan that might cost more the next month works within any budget before selecting that option.

Finally, read all contracts before signing on with a particular phone plan. It might take some serious reading time, but knowing exactly what a person is getting after spending the time it takes to do a thorough cell phone plan comparison is worth a few extra minutes in order to prevent unrealistic options and unwanted charges.

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