Prepaid Cell Phones Offer Flexibility
And Freedom From Contracts

The thought of adding another monthly bill to any household is not something most people want to have to consider. Having a cell phone is desirable and sometimes necessary, but the aspect of taking on a one or two year contract is keeping many people from getting their own cellular phone. Cell phone carriers realized that the people who want to have a cell phone without a contract were an untapped market with unlimited earning potential, and came up with the alternative of prepaid cell phones. A prepaid cell phone allows an individual to be in control of what they pay per month and how much time a cell phone will be used during that month, without a yearly contract.

Prepaid cellular can offer the right individual just as much flexibility as someone who has a contract for their cell phone use. Not everyone needs to use their cell phone on a regular basis, and some would like to have a prepaid cellular phone on hand in case of an emergency. Parents who have teens can ensure they aren’t surprised by monthly usage bills if they give their teens prepaid cellular phones to encourage limited cell phone use.

Many different companies offer prepaid cell phone plans, like Verizon Prepaid Cellular, Sprint Prepaid Cellular, T-Mobile prepaid cellular service, the ‘Go’ phone and many more. The same rules regarding coverage that applies to cell phones under a contract apply to prepaid service as well. Coverage maps can be obtained from any prepaid cellular phone plan carrier. Most prepaid cell phone plans normally include features like roaming, local calls, long distance calls, voice mail, three-way calling and caller ID with their prepaid cellular service. A person can find that some prepaid plans may offer additional benefits like call forwarding and text messaging, if they shop around and compare different prepaid cellular plans.

One negative aspect of using prepaid cellular phones is that if prepaid minutes are not used within a specified period of time, they are forfeited and cannot be used. If a person uses their cell phone with a yearly contract, they can often have leftover minutes in a month ‘rollover’ to be used during the next month. Something else to consider when looking at prepaid cell phone plans is that each minute can cost considerably more with a prepaid plan than with contracts. If a person ends up using their prepaid cellular phone more than expected, they might want to consider signing a cellular service contract for less expensive minutes.

Prepaid cellular phones are perfect for those who are certain that they require very basic cell phone service. Prepaid cell phone plans often come with basic handsets, and a small amount of prepaid minutes to get a customer started. Buying a prepaid cellular phone is as easy as walking into retail stores and picking up a prepaid cellular package. Buying minutes for a prepaid cellular phone is just as easy, and some prepaid cellular services even allow a person to add minutes over the phone or on the Internet.

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