VoIP Is The Directing Of Voice Phone Conversations Over The Internet

VoIP is also known as Voice over IP or an Internet phone. VoIP service sends a person’s phone conversations over the Internet or another IP network. The voice sent using VoIP service sends voice information over a general use packet-switched network instead of dedicated circuit-switched phone lines. VoIP service may be distributed on any IP network or an inner-building private LAN.

There are several advantages to using VoIP phones. When using a VoIP phone, a person can have much more flexibility when talking on the phone and using the computer. People can be using IP phones and while surfing the Internet, sending emails or sending files to the person on the other end of the phone or anyone else. The person on the other end of the phone doesn’t even need to have Internet phone service. A VoIP conference is another possibility when using an Internet phone service.

A VoIP provider like Vonage or VoicePulse is able to provide calls to a VoIP phone user for less than companies who sell traditional phone service or even cell phone service. The only costs for making calls to a VoIP provider occur if a destination is outside of an IP network. The sound quality with VoIP phones is outstanding most of the time. Sometimes a VoIP provider will increase the density of calls in order to save bandwidth and it can result in slightly inferior call quality. The software required to use a VoIP service was made so that it could be easily upgraded and changed without dramatic overhauls or high costs.

If the power were to go out in a home or business with VoIP phones, service may be interrupted unless the home or business has a generator or some kind of battery backup source to restore temporary power. Many people with VoIP phones will keep their local phone service in addition to their VoIP phone so that they have an affordable backup phone in the event of an emergency and their VoIP service is not working. As technology advances, VoIP service providers hope to find a way to make a landline phone backup plan unnecessary.

The way that IP works makes it hard for anyone who makes an emergency call on a VoIP phone to be connected with a nearby call center. Making an emergency phone call is simply impossible through some Internet phone providers. Cell phones work this way as well, so the United States government has required all cell phone and VoIP service providers to apply the use of e911, which is already in use in much of Europe.

Most of the time a person who uses a VoIP service uses a computer as the device through which all phone calls are made, although some VoIP phones are available for sale to the general public. VoIP service is not like the service provided by traditional phone lines and only a single line will receive the phone call and ring. New technology is advancing with the development of cordless VoIP phones and routers. With more and more major communication companies including AT&T CallVantage, it is conceivable to have a central VoIP gateway that can allow every phone to be connected in the very near future.

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